Is Silver the new Gold? – Zenkei Investigates…

Zenkei prides itself on the quality of its silver jewelry. Zenkei (Inconceivable Joy) blends natural semi-precious stones and pure silver (999- 925 fine silver), all eco-friendly and completely handcrafted to reflect the rich heritage of the world’s most unique regions.

Why we believe that Silver is rapidly becoming the new Gold! 🙂

The value of silver has skyrocketed in recent decades causing investing experts to believe that silver’s price could outpace gold in the very near future.

Michael MacDonald co-author of “The Silver Bomb: Beyond The Return Of Metal As Money” has come up with an infographic that explores why some investing experts believe that silver’s price may soon outpace gold.

“This infographic covers silver’s meteoric increase and the factors that have led to silver’s exploding value. In short, it’s not speculation: silver is a commodity that’s being influenced by old-school supply and demand. We also take a nod to the future to see where silver’s price may be headed based on the most updated demand data.

In short, silver is a limited commodity that is in short supply…and increasingly high demand.”

Infographic by Michael MacDonald



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About Zenkei

Zenkei (Inconceivable Joy) blends all natural semi-precious stones and pure silver (999- 925 fine silver), all eco-friendly and completely handcrafted to reflect the rich heritage of the world's most unique regions. Inspired by the globe's highest peaks, breathtaking mountain ranges, glaciers and lakes, Zenkei wishes to provide jewelry that will not only look amazing but also fulfill your senses and make you dream of authentic travels in nature. We understand that each individual is exceptional and wants something more than just a generic piece of jewelry, which is why each of our pieces is individually and carefully sourced and not mass produced. From ancient mythologies, literature, zen thought encompassing the land of chanting monks and precious gems, Zenkei's designs are conceived to reflect the beauty and spirituality of various cultures which are of profound significance to the art world. Zenkei therefore translates the art and history from all around the world in its pieces. *The Zenkei team travels personally to make sure that each piece fits the highest standards. TECHNICAL INFO Metal Purity: 999- 925 Pure Silver - International Approved Standard Stones: Semi- Precious, Natural, Untreated, Unheated Craftsmanship: All exclusively Handmade, Eco friendly. No machinery used at any point during the jewelry-making process. Contact Us (Mauritius, Australia, UK)
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